Take It To Another Level


I have a friend who happens to be a police officer. Recently he pulled over a car that was swerving all over the road. The driver was the brother of a good friend of ours, so he let him go with a warning and demanded that the guy drive straight home. Instead of driving home, this guy was dumb enough to go out for more drinks. My fake cop friend pulled him over again that night, and this time arrested the guy for DUI. Imagine getting pulled over twice in one night by the same cop.

I agreed to go on a double date with my friend, her boyfriend, and his cousin who was visiting from out of town. Since it was close to Halloween, we all decided to dress up and go to a local field party/bonfire with ex gf porn. My date dressed as a zombie. He really went all out too, even discoloring several of his teeth quite convincingly. After the party we went back to my house to change and go out to dinner. I was grossed out when I realized my date hadn’t cleaned the makeup off his teeth. Turns out it was REAL tooth decay! Never again!

Tube with Punish – this is the only thing you need if you want to play the REAL stuff with your girl.

I guess this fake taxi cab guy has got under skin for lots of British girls and now they prepare their comeback with… faketaxi for female!

I would suggest taking a look at situation when step-sibling are caught. It must be a joke, right? Well, it’s not. This thing happens for real!

On this mybabysittersclub tube we show you what these girls are willing to do in order to keep their job.

Are you ready for dontbreakme big cocks? We’ve got lots of it ready to be watched. Pretty interesting stuff!

It’s always the best when moms teach about sex and let you try the knowledge in parctice.